Friday, July 20, 2007

Bright Angel Trail to Carol's Family from Alma

As everyone can observe from these pictures after a long hike up from the depths of the Grand Canyon, Carol stood with her companions: her sister Patty, and her friend Susie, under a signpost that said Bright Angel Trail. As I looked at these photographs yesterday, it hit me! This is exactly what Carol exemplifies, a Bright Angel, someone moved by an uncompromising faith and with incredible courage to beat the odds. She took the challenge to hike down, and up the Grand Canyon, and showed she has an unbending will to accomplish her goals.

I hadn't seen Carol in years, and when I saw her again in February '07, she sported her signature smile. She always smiled, and her positive attitude infected us all during our week in Arizona.

What else can I say. I hope Carol is an inspiration to us all, and we learn from her example: despite adversity, follow your dreams.

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