Friday, July 20, 2007

From Mariana

I remember we were like in 1st grade, and we had a very old teacher, señorita Panchita, who had taught my grandmother and my mother and was now our teacher. This is a very old lady I'm writing about as you can figure out. Every morning we had to greet her properly before she started calling us by our names, so we would start reading ..... she used to call me my mother's maiden's name, and she would never call your mom by her name Carolyn Bernstein, no way, too much for her, every day for a whole year she said ..... Carolina Berastein ... which must be the spanish version of her real name, I remember we used to laugh so hard, as your mom would shily correct her every day, mi nombre es Carolyn Bernstein no Carolina Berastein - my name is Carolyn Bernstein, not Carolina Berastein - anyways its good we only had this old and nice teacher for one year .....

All our prayers are with your mom and her family right now, Mariana

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