Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Everyone Has a Different Life Experience...

When I was young I would go and run errands with my Mom while my brothers stayed home and did whatever it was they wanted to. If I was lucky, she would be in the mood to have "mother-daughter time" - a fun treat time that my brothers missed out on. We might grab some ice cream or sushi, or go to the movies. When we'd come back, at least one of the boys would complain, only to receive one of Mom's most famous phrases in return: "Everyone has a different life experience."
That became one of the most famous, yet annoying phrases in our house. It's harmless enough in itself, but we always heard it at a time when we weren't quite in the mood. Apparently she coined it after she told a young Joffre that life wasn't fair only to be told in return that "well, it should be." Too true - so, she came up with something we all can agree with (even though we hated to hear it).
Over time, though, we learned to love this saying. It has become something of a family motto. In fact, I think all of her children at one time or other have gleefully passed on this tid-bit of wisdom to others, glad not to be on the receiving end.

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