Monday, July 23, 2007

From Karen Owens

So if you live in Gainesville, and if you have an interest in linguistics or culture or languages, chances are that you will have come across the English Language Institute at the University of Florida.
Should come as no surprise, then, that the ELI would have seen a Swait or two.
Indeed, Carolyn and her son, Joffre, had their respective chapters working at the ELI.
And the truth is that, during these past couple of weeks, we all have been thinking about Carolyn.
(Thinking about Joffre, too.)

We aren't reminiscing as much as we are reflecting.
And praying.

Carolyn's cultural and academic background made her a true kindred in our small ELI family.

So this morning, Barbara Earp shared with me this quote.
She was moved by its poetry and profundity:

Imperishable is the Lord of Love.
As from a blazing fire thousands of sparks Leap forth,
so millions of beings arise From the Lord of Love and return to him.

--Mundaka Upanishad

All our thoughts and prayers are with you, Carolyn.

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