Friday, July 20, 2007

From Patty Chag

My name is Patty (Sologuren maiden name) Chag. I now live in New hampshire. I've lived here for 14 years and prior to that I lived in New Jersey for 12 years. I was born in Peru and lived there for 20 years. I went to San Silvestre with your mom. Actually I was such an outstanding student that I had to do 2nd and 3rd grades twice!!! So in my highschool years I was with your mom, and also my youngest sister Sonia. No one knew that I really wanted to be with those kids. We were the best of the best!!!!!I have the most wonderful memories of your mom. I loved talking to her because she had a way to calm my hipperness with her beautiful smile. I never saw her sad or upset, she always had a smile on her face. I know many times I made her laugh, but it was because I was a wild child!!!!! and did things that shocked her, such as, sliding down the stair on the arm rail!!!! just very mischevious things. I will never forget your mom. Thou she is departing thi s world I know she will always be with all of us. I want you to know that I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

May God Bless you all and give you the strength you will need from now on.
Patty Chag

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