Friday, July 20, 2007

From Alexandra Perdue

It may be a little hard for some of Carol's friends (the ones she
made later in life) to understand, but for those of us that were born
in Peru, we had no cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmothers near by. Our
friends became sometimes closer than family. (We get to choose friends)
Plus, there wasn't a large group of Americans and Brits our age, so we
formed friendships that have lasted our entire lives. (Even a marriage
came out of it!)

It's hard to put into words the regard, fondness, affection and love
we have for each other. It goes beyond friendship. You know what I
mean, Patty, Mimi, Solange, Colin, John, Bertie, Francis, Johnny.

When we got together in February, it was so good to see you. You were
braver than I. I didn't make the climb. Me and my blood pressure would
greet you the next day. It wasn't long enough. You were packed and
gone too soon. A flight to catch.

Un abrazo fuerte amiga, xxxalex

Alexandra (Green) Perdue

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