Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Starbucks Advenure!

“Hi! I’m in town visiting Jen”, she says. “Let’s meet at Starbucks!”

“Great!”, I says. “Which one?”

“The one near Talbot’s and the movie theatre”, she says.

“I’ll be there!”, I says. “Can’t wait to see you!”

I go. I wait. No Carolyn and Jennifer. I wait. No one comes. I don’t have her new phone number. What do I do? I wait some more, but I begin to worry that I’ve made a mistake. Naw, not me! She said the Starbucks near Talbot’s. THIS is the Starbucks near Talbot’s. Oh oh! Wait! This is the Starbucks that WAS Talbot’s!! Oh horrors! They’ve been waiting at the Royal Park Starbucks for almost an hour! ……. uhhhhh…..the one near Talbot’s and the movie theatre. Oops!

Yup. Aside from my utter stupidity, that was a great day. We had much to catch up on. (loved ones, friends, and life situations) Haven’t seen Carolyn since then, but I’ll always cherish the memory of that crazy mixed-up day!

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