Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From Joan Prange

An unexpected present
Carolyn and I didn't travel in the same circles, nor share many memorable experiences. But I learned from watching her. I had been a research scientist for many years prior to starting a business. Observation is part of my nature.
In experiencing Carolyn, I learned that family comes first; husband is primary, children are beloved but secondary; submission is a loving act of persistent giving; church activities should enhance your daily worship experience, not replace it.
Carolyn was the first person to decline to assist with putting together a church event, with just "no, thank you". No excuses, just that her time would be spent on her family, not another.
Though I didn't view it as such at the time, that "no" was a gift with lasting repercussions.
Carolyn, I am delighted to have experienced you. Thank you for my present.

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