Monday, July 16, 2007

"Punny" Jokes

I remember some of the first times I visited the Swait house before I became one. Of course this means I remember sitting around the Swait table. I was, of course, awed by Carolyn's cooking. (I actually want second helpings of the vegetables and no bread is involved in this meal?)

But the thing that sticks out in my mind was a strange tradition in the Swait house. Joffre the Elder was getting ready to serve dessert and said some awful pun or play on words joke ( he calls them jokes) and started laughing hysterically at his own joke. I felt a bit at a loss and turn to my hostess, Carolyn, for direction only to find her giggling along. So I braved it out but it got worse. Joffre kept laughing till he was crying and Carolyn was heartily laughing too. "Oh, Bibs,.... really," she'd say. I waveringly smiled and looked back and forth between the two and had inspiration. I thought, "Ah, these two really like each other." I didn't miss the punchline. The way Swaits laugh at each other you'd think they could be on comedy central but they just really like each other.

As the years have passed I raise an eyebrow and give Joffre the Elder a dirty look when he makes his goofy play on words jokes. Jennifer who raises her eyebrow then sort of spits out a laugh till she is totally giggling says it only fuels him but I disagree. Carolyn is the fuel behind that fire with her giggling. (Incidentally, she even giggles if you say the word "hexagon" to her.Maybe only when Jonathon does.) You must understand she is not a silly woman. She just knows how to enjoy her husband and children.

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