Monday, July 23, 2007

From Eileen Scipione

Skip and I are in Prague for four weeks, thus we are unable to be at your mother's side at this most difficult time. I even tried to get Delta airlines to allow me to come home right now but they won't allow an affordable ticket change unless the sick person is a family member. They don't understand that Carolyn and I are sisters in Christ. (Next time I'll buy ticket insurance.)
I'm writing this using the past tense, even though Carolyn is still with us in this world. And I know that Joffre, her devoted husband, is or was, holding out hope and prayer for a last minute miracle. And up to now I have joined him in that prayer. But I just got word that the time is very close, according to her doctors. I so wanted to say goodbye in person. But the Spirit of Christ is with her.
What I want to say to everyone who knows and loves her is how much Carolyn did for me when she asked to meet for prayer for our struggling sons and daughters. It was her idea and God blessed it mightily in my life! She and Londa Jones and I met each Saturday morning at 7 a.m. for many months. By His mercy we spent much more time in prayer than in talking. Carolyn drove down to my house in Greer all way from Trion. She must have gotten up at the crack of dawn.
The Lord blessed with intense and personal prayer times. Her heart for Christ and His Word was primary. She prayed that He would mean to her children what He meant to her. It was crucial that each one would be close to Jesus.
These prayer times set the tone for the next couple of days. Carolyn said that they made a difference for the whole week for her. Being forced to concentrate and focus in prayer to our Savior is a huge blessing to women our age who have trouble keeping our minds on a single task.
In addition to the prayer times, I will always remember Carolyn for her insights in the reading group at my house twice a month. It was on a book called Overcoming Fear Worry and Anxiety. Carolyn was quick to share what the Lord was doing in her own vulnerable areas in order to encourage the younger women in the group. She was all about the honor and reputation of Christ as opposed to her own honor and reputation.
I will miss her intensely. But our reunion before the throne will be wonderful and sweet.
Hearts courageous,
Eileen Scipione

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