Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Miss Sargasso Sea and Raindrops Falling on My Head :)

Hi Carol and Family and Friends;

This story goes back to when we were teenagers in Lima.

One fine day we were all looning around, generally gassing about things and someone (more than likely one of the girls) came up with a "if you could be anywhere in the World right now, where would it be ?" question.

(Editor's Note - you can see why I said it was probably a girl who asked the question, as it's usually girls who come up with these sort of questions, like "what's your favourite colour ?" or "what's your favourite ice cream ?" etc, I'm sure they do it just to pester us poor Men... heheh !!!)

You Carol, gave us one of your sweet smiles and let loose with:

" I'd like to swim around in the Sargasso Sea..."

Erm... yes.... well... You completely dumbfounded us all....

After a few seconds of blank expressions, open mouths and maybe the odd person looking at the ceiling with brain cogs whirring beneath a frown of concentration, someone piped up:

"The WHAT sea ?"

It then clicked inside you that no one else had heard of the Sargasso Sea, and quite cheerfully and matter-of-factly you explained:

"It's a sea out in the Atlantic. There's no wind and its full of seaweed "

The outcome of this apparently insignificant event, is that since then, whenever I hear the Sargasso Sea being mentioned, I think of the 15 year old Carol, in her greyish bikini, diving off the back of a yacht, swimming over to a colchoneta (inflatable lilo), climbing up on it and then paddling around on top of this seaweed filled green sea...

I think this is one example of what Richard (Diffenderfer/Bernstein) was saying about part of our brains adopting the thoughts and feelings of other people. I tend to think that happens, but it doesn't happen with everyone you meet, it tends to happen with people who you like.
It certainly happened to me way back then. Carol, you may not have competed to become Miss Ancon, or Miss Peru or Miss Florida, but you (quite unintentionally) did become Miss Sargasso Sea to me, and likewise the Sargasso Sea has become your swimming pool (in my mind).

Whilst I'm at it.... ( "oh no !" I hear you all groan... heheh !!!)

(No mystery this time. This one is just straight memory, as opposed to brains adopting thoughts and patterns of a person you like )

I also remember another occasion from around that time:

Patty, Carol and me went to see Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid at the Cine Colina in Miraflores (Lima).

The odd thing about this was that around that time we always went to the cinema in a large group, but for some reason this time it was only us three... tow roses (Patty and Carol) escoted by (or should that be escorting ? heheh !) a thorn (me)

Why am I telling this ?

'Cos every time I hear the song "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" I think of Patty and Carol.

Strange how we are linked by totally unexpected things sometimes.

God bless you all.



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